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Sheridan College Davis Campus, Brampton, Ontario


Energy Lab Research and Development/ Energy Management System and Renewable Energy Resources

Renteknik developed, designed and Project Managed an Energy Research Lab at Sheridan College, Davis Campus. The Project focused on the integration
of four (4) Renewable Energy Resources with a battery storage unit, a customized Energy Management System (EMS) and three (3) different Energy Loads within a
“virtual Grid”.

The EMS was developed and designed by Renteknik using customized SCADA software to calculate and show energy balances between the Generation Resources, the Storage System and the applicable Loads (Cafeteria, College Energy Lab and Pumping Station) to mirror a live micro Grid. The lab is used as a learning tool for students to conduct various simulations, analyze data in real-time, control energy management decisions, log data and generate customized reports for evaluation purposes.