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25 Capreol: Luna Condo, Toronto

Chilled Water System Energy Performance Analysis System for Condominium Application

25 Capreol Court is a 38 storey Condo located in downtown Toronto.  The building is cooled by a Chilled Water System with a 570 ton York Centrifugal Chiller. The goal of the Project was to analyze the existing System in order to maximize energy efficiency and improve System operation.

25 Capreol Court

During the Investigation Phase the following issues were noted:

  • Low Subcooling
  • Excessive Cooling Tower Fan Cycling
  • Erratic Capacity Control
  • Low Condenser Temperature Differential (?T)

Cleaning of the Condenser, changes in Condenser water return setpoints and a number of Control System modifications were introduced as a result.  With these non-capital Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs), Peak Demand was reduced by more than 80 kW and approximately 31.3% reduction in Electrical Energy Usage was achieved.