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Panoramic Power


Panoramic Power is a cloud based Energy Management Solution that includes non-intrusive wireless and self-powered sensors that are installed on a circuit level to provide visibility into energy usage. The Solution provides real-time data that can be analyzed and identify actionable opportunities to significantly make an impact to reduce costs and mitigate risks through:

  • Energy savings
  • Failure prediction
  • Load optimization
  • Sub-meteringPanoramic logo


  • Designed with PowerRadar Web App that monitors energy consumption across single/multiple sites
  • Custom configured Dashboard for monitoring:


  • Total energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint
  • Monthly average
  • Month to date and projected consumption


  • Generated summary of Alerts that identify the number of Alerts on the System, category of Alters by severity and details the cause that generated the Alert
  • Unique Heat Map feature identifies higher/lower consumption within a facility. The map is designed as an “intensity” map that illustrates where there is higher consumption (red) in the facility and indicates shifts to lower consumption (green)
  • Flexibility and performance benchmarking analysis by individual device such as HVAC /lighting /building location
  • Real-time data in visual formats with advanced automatic and custom reports, providing ongoing visibility into all systems and reports

With Renteknik Group Inc. and Panoramic Power, you will be able to improve your cost allocation, optimize energy consumption and make smart operational and financial choices.


To read more on Panoramic Power, visit http://www.panpwr.com/