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Rising energy costs and increasing operating costs affect the bottom line profit margin on many North American businesses. Commercial and industrial enterprises are now compelled to find ways of reducing energy consumption, achieving cost savings and managing energy. Having the ability to manage and predict Energy consumption, helps with economic growth and improves business capability and competitiveness. These factors are all vital components to long term sustainability and success.

Renteknik offers Real-Time Energy Products to increase energy efficiency and manage costs. Coupled with our expertise in providing innovative Energy Engineering Solutions, we empower our Clients to adopt Energy efficiency practices and standards. Below are product solutions to control energy consumption and costs.

Energy Products

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    Panoramic Power

    Panoramic Power is a cloud based Energy Management Solution that includes non-intrusive wireless and self-powered sensors that are installed on a circuit level to provide visibility into energy usage.

    This Solution provides real-time data that can be analyzed and identify actionable opportunities to significantly make an impact to reduce costs and mitigate risks through:

    • Energy savings
    • Failure prediction
    • Load optimization
    • Sub-metering
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    Kamstrup delivers secure, efficient and flexible Solutions to manage and measure energy and water consumption.

    Both Solutions offer remote access meter readings that provide the highest level of control, efficiency and flexibility for energy conservation and cost control.

    Heat and Cooling Meters
    The Heating and Cooling Meters are all purpose energy calculators that read energy consumption data and store information on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis. This invaluable tool provides the consumer with a complete performance analysis to costs and save money.

    Water Meters
    The Water Solution offers smart consumption in water metering through remote reading, ultrasonic technology and leakage surveillance and detection.

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