A one day Refrigeration System failure is extremely costly in terms of lost product and decreased revenue.

Renteknik’s Energy Performance Analysis solution monitors real-time performance of the Refrigeration System and its components.

That means that:

  • Wear and pending failure can often be determined in advance
  • Pre-emptive action can be taken to effect repairs
  • Implementations are planned and cost effective
  • Risk of downtime and loss of functionality is greatly reduced

As part of a systematic Analysis sensors are attached to the Refrigeration System including pipework, service ports and Compressors to generate an energy profile for the System. By plotting the measured energy consumption against outdoor conditions and load when the store is open and closed, baseline consumption can be easily identified and controls strategy can be analyzed.

This will help identify energy-efficiency measures for reducing electricity consumption and peak demand of the System including resetting of controls, adjustments, corrections and upgrades.

Typical measures include:

  • Optimization of Evaporation, Condensing and Controls
  • Refrigerant Over/Under charge correction
  • Increase Compressor efficiency