It is not surprising to hear that large commercial buildings often use as much as 20% more energy than necessary, keeping lighting and office equipment on 24 hours a day and continually running either heating or cooling Systems without a proper maintenance program in place.

Two thirds (66%) of all energy consumed in a typical office building is electricity. 90% of the cost is due to lighting, office equipment and HVAC Systems.

The good thing is that electricity is a controllable cost.

This can be achieved through implementation of energy efficiency measures such as:

  • Adjusting thermostat night/non-occupancy setbacks
  • Light occupancy sensors
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Demand Control Ventilation
  • Chiller Optimization
  • Cooling Tower Optimization
  • Energy Management – Central monitoring and control

Renteknik can help office building owners become energy leaders in the community, gain a positive corporate image in the market place and improve their bottom line.

Benefits include:

  • Energy efficient buildings have greater market value
  • Increased employee productivity (1- 2%) can provide increased funds for implementation of additional energy efficiency opportunities
  • Performance based Service and Maintenance program instead of the conventional passage of time approach will prevent unnecessary expenditures and cost savings
  • Real time monitoring provides benefits of advanced notification of noted wear and pending failure of components to allow pre-emptive action in a planned and cost effective manner
  • Extended life of electricity consuming Equipment
  • Implementation of Energy savings measures without sacrificing occupant comfort
  • Opportunity to involve staff in energy management plan to increase success rate, increases job satisfaction and employee retention