HVAC and Chilled Water Systems


The objective of performing an analysis of a Chilled Water System(s) is to improve the Chiller’s energy performance through optimization.

Renteknik’s Energy Performance Analyzing Solution will identify possible upgrades or adjustments that can be implemented to increase System efficiency and will also help identify defective or inefficient System components that require possible immediate or future capital replacement.

Renteknik’s Energy Optimization Services are provided in four (4) Phases detailed below:

  1. Scoping Study Phase

    • Provide a snapshot of your Chilled Water System and its performance
  2. Investigation Phase

    • Provide analysis and energy-efficiency recommendations based on data collected from the Energy Performance Analyzer and Data Acquisition System
  3. Implementation Phase

    • All recommended measures with an estimated payback period of less than 2 years are implemented by the Client or Client appointed Contractor.
    • Renteknik will monitor and analyze the results and provide a Report detailing Measurement and Verification of energy and cost savings based on base case and efficiency measure comparisons.
  4. Hand-Off/Completion Phase

    • Training and documentation provided to the Chilled Water System operators
    • Analysis of yearly energy consumption with implementations will be provided