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Businesses and building owners are recognizing that there is a need to become proactive in the areas of energy management, conservation and the environment. This obviously has to be balanced with the economic factors that directly affect success and profitability. Incentives are now in place in many Provinces in Canada and States in the USA to help make it possible for these companies and building owners to “Bridge the Road to Change”, becoming more energy efficient, reducing operation costs, increasing social comfort and satisfaction and improving the business bottom line.

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    Chilled Water Systems

    Incentives are currently available for Chilled Water System Owners to help cover the costs required to increase the efficiency of their existing Systems.

    These costs include Commissioning Services, procurement and installation of analysis equipment and labour and materials required to implement recommended energy efficiency measures.

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    Lighting is the “low hanging fruit” when it comes to reducing your electricity consumption and managing energy costs. Having access to various incentives makes it even more attractive to help both Building Owners and Lessees to make lighting changes that will show immediate results on the electricity bill.

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    Funding is available for Refrigeration Systems Owners through various programs that will provide up to 50% of Project Costs. Not only will this help with the Project budget but it will also provide Owners with the opportunity to upgrade to newer equipment, increase overall business efficiency and save money on the bottom line.

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    Building Audits are the first step in getting a clearer picture of a business’s building energy usage, financial analysis and existing equipment operational efficiency. Depending on the building size, incentives are available up to $25,000 to help finance Audits that will help identify energy solutions that will save energy and reduce operational costs.

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    Roof Top Units & Air Handling

    Having to deal with Unit shut downs for repair and unforeseen failures can be extremely costly. Incentives are available to ease the financial burden and help make the decision to replace the Units prior to a catastrophic event occurring. Incentives are also available for studying and evaluating existing Units.

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    Replacing an aging boiler with a new boiler that will achieve an 85% plus energy efficiency rating is a great option to help reduce operating costs. Rebates for audits, design and the purchase of these Systems are now readily available through local natural gas utilities.

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