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Energy Optimization

Rising energy costs are taking a toll on Canadian businesses and are ultimately affecting the bottom line profit margin. With the prediction that electricity rates will rise by almost 50% in the next 4 years, Canadian’s are now compelled to find ways of reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.

Refrigeration, Cooling and Air Conditioning usage accounts for approximately 15-20% of the world’s total energy consumption.

With a significant number of commercial,  industrial and municipal buildings in Canada equipped with some type of Cooling (Refrigeration & HVAC) and/or Air Conditioning System, Renteknik’s focus has been on optimizing these large energy users through energy performance analysis and maximizing efficiency.


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    HVAC and Chilled Water Systems

    Renteknik has recently introduced a revolutionary Energy Optimization Solution that is guaranteed to become North America’s leading tool for Energy Performance Analysis with energy savings of 10-40%!!

    Building Owners can now to see into the “black box” of their Cooling and HVAC equipment to evaluate how it is working in “real time”.

    This Energy Performance Analyzing Solution provides accurate data to allow Building Owners to:

    • Make informed decisions on proposed System corrective measures
    • Have the ability to verify that System adjustments, upgrades and improvements have been implemented
    • Monitor the equipment to ensure that it continues to operate at optimum efficiency
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    Refrigeration Systems can be costly to operate and maintain, particularly for large Systems that run throughout the year. The first step in reducing power consumption involves establishing the baseline performance of the System. This involves carrying out a complete and detailed Energy Performance Analysis.

    As an example, approximately 50% of electricity usage is typically attributed to the Medium and Low Temperature Refrigeration System in a large Grocery Store application. Historical data from Projects have typically produced energy reductions in Refrigeration Systems of between 10 and 30% through Non-Capital implementations alone.

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    Roof Top Units & Air Make-Up Units

    Energy assessments of Roof Top Units (RTUs) and Air Make-Up Units (AMUs) will identify activities and measures that will reduce the overall energy consumption and ensure that equipment performs properly and within specified parameters/specifications.

    Historical data from similar Projects have typically produced:

    • Energy reductions of between 10 and 15% through System adjustments and maintenance work (non-capital work)
    • Post optimization results of 20% or higher in Unit Energy reductions from Renteknik Projects
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    Boilers & Heating Plants

    Today’s boilers are among the most widely used and long-lasting pieces of equipment that can meet the heating or hot water needs for industrial processes and other commercial applications. Boilers are the “heart” of a variety of designed Systems. For this reason alone, Renteknik’s first priority is to provide facility owner’s with the most stable, efficient, and sustainable operation of the boiler that is possible. Not only will this achieve optimum output, but it will also minimize downtime throughout the life of the System.

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    Demand Control Ventilation

    Outdoor air is an essential part of maintaining a healthy environment for building occupants. Unfortunately buildings tend to be over-ventilated resulting in high energy costs.

    Correcting ventilation rates to correspond directly to the actual number of building occupants in a given space through DEMAND CONTROL VENTILATION will result in an estimated 40% Natural Gas and 12% Electricity Savings.

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    Hospitals, long-term care and other healthcare facilities are open 24/7 all year round. With high operating costs these institutional facilities stand to benefit greatly from immediate utility savings through energy optimization and the implementation of energy efficiency measures. The cost savings that would be achieved on the operational side are healthcare dollars that could be better spent in other critical areas.

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    Energy costs for a Grocery Store are approximately 1% of sales which is about the same at the Store’s profit margin!

    For Grocery Stores, the electricity cost for Cooling and Refrigeration is often a hidden cost within the entire bill. Between 50-55% of the total electricity bill in a medium size Grocery Store is associated with Medium and Low Temperature Refrigeration. Incidents of Refrigeration leaks in System piping accounts for approximately 50% of greenhouse gasses emitted from an average Store.

    Renteknik’s energy Optimization Solution will:

    • Achieve 10-30% Savings
    • Reduce CO2 Emissions
    • Increase Energy Efficiency
    • Increase reliability and reduce Equipment wear
    • Provide benefits to Grocery Owners and the Environment!
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    Ice Rinks & Arenas

    Ice Rinks and Arenas are a major consumer of energy. A typical Ice Rink operates a minimum of 10 months of the year and uses approximately 1,500 MWh-eq/year of energy. This is at a cost of approximately $100,000/year plus peak demand charges and peak-load penalties. Of the total energy consumed 44% is a result of Refrigeration usage.

    Projects with similar Systems have typically produced energy reductions of between 10 and 40%. Based on obtaining a 10% energy savings in the Refrigeration Equipment alone, the electricity consumption for the facility would be reduced by approximately 66,000 kWh per year!

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    With energy costs escalating, Building Owners are continually faced with the challenge of trying to control costs and optimize energy efficiency. Large Office Buildings are the single largest users of electricity, mainly through their uncontrolled lighting, air conditioning, heating and significant quantities of electrical dependent office equipment.

    As a large energy user, implementing energy-efficiency measures within these buildings are very likely to show instantaneous results, lowering utility bills, increasing occupant comfort and improving the business bottom line.

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    Food Processing

    Food processing as an industry is a high energy user that has encountered a lot of challenges when it comes to trying to reduce energy consumption without the potential of jeopardizing manufacturing output.

    Renteknik is helping these companies and organizations adopt new strategies to implement operational changes and energy efficiency measures that will minimize the energy required to run their plants, likely increase productivity and continue to meet consumer demand.

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    Multi Unit Residential

    Owners and Property Managers of Multi-Unit Residential buildings have always been faced with the challenge of how to manage energy costs that are not always directly controlled by them on a day to day basis.

    Through energy efficiency strategies such as optimization or upgrades of the HVAC System and space temperature control through a wireless central Energy Control System, the internal energy loads in Multi-Unit buildings can be reduced.

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