Thermal Sub-Metering

Through THERMAL SUB-METERING building owners and property managers can track where and how heating and cooling energy is being used in their facilities and take control to reduce energy consumption or allocate costs accordingly to realize energy and cost savings.

This can be achieved in a number of ways including:


Measurement and Verification:Using Thermal Sub-Metering building owners and property managers can quantify energy and cost savings achieved from energy efficiency measures using logged before and after baseline heating and cooling energy usage data.  Permanent metering will also provide an ongoing solution that will identify deviations from the new baseline that can be easily flagged and addressed to keep energy costs under control.


Intra-Utility Billing is possible using Renteknik’s revenue grade Thermal Sub-Metering Solutions. By having the ability to identify energy usage for heat and/or cooling by sub-units, building owners and/or property managers have the ability to bill tenants or occupants on an individual basis.