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Energy Management

ENERGY MANAGEMENT allows municipalities and commercial and industrial businesses to:

  • Know where, how and when energy is consumed
  • Optimize the utility bill
  • Justify investments in energy efficiency
  • Measure and verify savings and decrease energy consumption
  • Increase the productivity of a company’s operational process
  • Increase the reliability of electrical consuming systems
  • Avoid stops and catastrophic equipment failures
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    Electrical Sub-Metering

    “Main Load” meters are used by utilities to determine overall building consumption. ELECTRICAL SUB-METERING utilizes individual “sub meters” that allow building and facility managers to have visibility into the energy use and performance of their electrical consuming equipment. This solution creates a great opportunity to identify energy efficiency measures that will achieve energy and capital expenditure savings.

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    Thermal Sub-Metering

    Renteknik provides building owners, property managers and landlords with the ability to track thermal usage such as domestic hot water and heating and cooling within their facilities. For buildings with subunits or divisions that receive heating or cooling from a central source, there is no better way to properly allocate costs than through THERMAL SUB-METERING.

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    Electrical Quality

    ELECTRICAL QUALITY is otherwise known as Electrical “Reliability”. Multi-Tenant and Commercial Buildings are typical large users of highly sensitive electronic equipment that are susceptible to power issues that can lead to damage of capital-intensive equipment, safety concerns, and above all huge economic loss. These factors are heavily influenced by Electrical Quality.

    Renteknik can provide an Energy Management System that will allow monitoring of the electrical activity within a facility and identify abnormalities, help make informed decisions to better manage electrical applications, improve reliability and decrease costs by improving Electrical Quality.

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