Thermal (Heat/Cool) Metering and Water Conservation


Renteknik is offering a thermal metering solution that is will assist building owners in their efforts to conserve energy. As an example, thermal metering is essential for the District Energy Industry where a central plant provides heating and/or cooling to a number of surrounding buildings which are individually billed for the thermal energy they receive. District Energy Systems are not as common in North America as in Europe, however, there are more District Heating Systems in the planning stage than ever in North America as these can be extremely efficient.

By measuring water flow and temperature differentials of water going in and out of the building or a subunit,
Renteknik can calculate how much energy has been consumed by the building and/or its occupants; allowing the building manager/owner to track energy usage. This service can be utilized in a variety of Market segments and for several billing or cost allocation applications.

Market Segments and Billing/Cost Allocation Applications

Business Area Market Segment Application
Commercial Metering Condos/Commercial building Individual Billing
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Solar System Installations Certified Billing
Municipalities Municipal Buildings Energy Use Allocation
District Heating District Heating Systems Certified Billing