Overview: ASHRAE Level 1, 2, 3


Level I Energy Audit

The Level I Audit is the most generic way to achieve savings based on a general Walk Through of the building in a matter of a day. This Audit will include:

  • Analysis of major energy consuming Systems
  • Analyze energy consumption and costs (Preliminary Energy Use Analysis)
  • Compare energy performance
  • Identify Energy Management Opportunities (EMOs) that are readily identifiable and can be implemented with minimal cost and achieve immediate savings (List potential capital improvements)
  • Assess the benefits of EMO implementation


Level II Energy Audit

A Level II Energy Audit which is a more detailed Survey and Energy Analysis involving a Technical Analysis for each EMO. The Energy Audit will provide:

  • A detailed understanding of how the energy within the building is being used
  • Equipment/Systems evaluations (actual operating conditions, consumption and demand profiles during peak periods)
  • Recommendations (operational, replacement, and retrofit opportunities)
  • Energy Savings Project cost estimates and simple payback calculations


Level III – Energy Audit

A Level III Energy Audit is the most detailed Audit involving an Engineering Analysis focused on potential capital-intensive Projects that were identified in the Level II Audit. The Level III Audit is an expansion on the other two Audits in that it requires:

  • More detailed data collection and analysis
  • Detailed project cost and savings calculations and Project management support
  • High precision cost and savings calculations