Detailed Engineering Study


On completion of the PES, the next step is the Detailed Engineering Study. Using the collected data from the the Preliminary Engineering Study Renteknik will identify Energy Management Opportunities (EMOS) that require further in-depth technical and financial study. Using the Energy Performance Analyzing and Energy Management Solutions Renteknik will log real time data on the each System and identify specific values and trends that are outside Set Parameters or Specifications.

The main focus of the Detailed Engineering Study is to integrate the actual data and finalize the development of an Action Plan required to implement a specified “Energy Efficiency Project”.

This will include:

  • A summary description of the Project including the identified EMOs
  • Technical and economic analysis, findings and related recommendations
  • Non-financial benefits
  • Proposed Scope of Work/Action Plan including Project Schedule
  • Estimated Detailed Project Costs
  • Annual electricity and cost savings and monthly average energy demand reduction
  • Simple paybacks