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Energy Conservation

Electricity is one of the most easily controlled operating costs. The prime targets for electricity conservation is lighting, heating and cooling which accounts for a majority of the electricity used in a building/facility.

By implementing energy conservation measures hospitals, apartments/condos, government buildings and commercial businesses can:

  • Take control of electricity costs through System/Equipment upgrades.
  • Improving processes and educate on when and how to use electricity.
  • Reduce energy consumption and see positive results reflected on the bottom line.

Energy Audits

The main purpose of carrying out an Energy Audit is to help achieve even greater energy efficiencies and create a high performance building. The Audit will evaluate the building’s current Energy performance, identify Energy Management Opportunities (EMOs) and recommend energy efficiency and conservation measures that will form the basis for an Energy Action Plan.

Through the Energy Audit process, Renteknik will not only maximize energy savings and reduce annual operating costs but will also set a new energy awareness standard for building occupants and help “Bridge the Road to Change”.

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    Overview: ASHRAE Level 1, 2, 3

    The Level I Audit is the most generic way to achieve savings based on a general Walk Through of the building in a matter of a day.

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    Electricity Survey & Analysis

    An Electricity Survey and Analysis is the first Phase of the Energy Audit process. This type of Audit is focused on analyzing the building’s existing electricity using equipment including Lighting, Heating and Cooling Systems. Through the analysis of energy consumption and usage within the building, Renteknik can provide both the financial and non-financial considerations of implementing energy efficient measures that will help building owners better manage their electricity usage.

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    Building System Audit

    A Building System Audit (BSA) will evaluate the current Energy Performance of a building’s operating System(s) including such components as Auxiliary Fans, Pumps, Compressors and Control Systems. This type of Audit will identify opportunities that will maximize energy efficiency and conservation and achieve the most energy savings through recommended System adjustments/ modifications or replacement.

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Engineering Studies

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    Preliminary Engineering Study

    A Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) will provide building owners with an initial understanding of how the System(s) (eg: installed equipment for manufacturing, commercial or industrial processes) are operating within their facility.

    Through Equipment/Systems evaluations Renteknik will compare the Manufacturer’s Specifications with the data collected to identify values or trends that would indicate that the System(s) are not operating efficiently or at capacity.

    The findings from the PES will form a basis for the development of a “Detailed Engineering Study” plan.

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    Detailed Engineering Study

    The Detailed Engineering Study (DES) will build on the findings of the Preliminary Engineering Study (PES) to provide in-depth technical and financial information required to develop an Energy Efficiency Project(s). This Project will incorporate operational, replacement, and retrofit opportunities that will provide energy and cost savings for the Facility.

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Detailing Lighting Audit

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    Detailed Lighting Audit

    When looking for more efficient solutions, lighting is a cost effective energy savings opportunity for businesses and building owners. As a ‘proven’ technology lighting is the one of the fundamental energy efficiency measures that is considered.

    Through a Detailed Lighting Audit Renteknik can provide various lighting upgrade and replacement options that will not only provide immediate energy savings of 25% or more but will also lower maintenance costs and increase occupant comfort.

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Water Conservation

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    Traditionally in North America the energy in condos, apartments, commercial or government buildings are not individually metered. There are no standards to date for heat metering in North America but the interest in individual billing is growing rapidly to encourage energy conservation in all industry sectors.

    Renteknik offers a thermal/btu/water metering technology solution that is very important for building owners. This technology will measure the amount of water flowing into a building and the temperature difference between the water going in and coming out of the building. This solution will provide information on how much energy has been consumed by the building and its occupants; track building performance and provide details required to establish individual charges for the heating or cooling services provided.

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