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Renteknik offers Commissioning Services for existing buildings and new construction.

Renteknik also offers Commissioning Services for existing Systems including Refrigeration, HVAC and Cooling. Whether commissioning a newly installed Chiller System,  re-commissioning or continually monitoring a building’s existing Systems,  Renteknik’s Certified Building Commissioning and LEED Accredited Professionals have the technology and expertise to collect data on the equipment, analyze it in real time and quickly identify areas that require adjustment, upgrading and immediate/future replacement in order to guarantee optimal performance for any System.

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    Building Commissioning

    With energy costs escalating, Building and Facility Owners are continually faced with the challenge of trying to find ways to control costs and improve energy efficiency.

    Renteknik’s Commissioning Agents work closely with System designers, contractors, manufacturers and building owners throughout the design and installation process to ensure that each System within the building is commissioned, optimized and operates as intended. Providing ongoing commissioning will maintain these Systems at optimal level, guarantees an energy efficient building and minimizes the potential for unforeseen failures.

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    System Commissioning

    Unfortunately the majority of Systems today are not working as effectively as they could.

    In Cooling and Refrigeration Systems for example, Renteknik’s Energy Performance Analyzer System identifies values or trends that are outside Set Parameters or Specifications, indicating where and why the System is not operating efficiently or at capacity.

    Recommended implementation measures based on the analysis findings will help lower operating expenses, control cash flow relating to equipment and component replacement and result in more productivity and potential for increased business revenue.

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