• Make The Most Out of The Energy You Have

    Learn how energy optimization can benefit your company.

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  • Save Money on Your Building’s Operating Costs

    Renteknik offers a “Bridge the Road to Change” Energy Management Program that is guaranteed to reduce electricity bills and building operating costs.

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  • Know the Performance, Maximize the Efficiency

    The first step in reducing power consumption involves getting a clear picture on how building Refrigeration, HVAC and Chilled Water Systems are currently working.

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  • Cost Allocation & Energy Efficiency Products

    Measure and manage Energy and Water Consumption with efficient and flexible Solutions and products.

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  • Commissioning

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    Renteknik offers COMMISSIONING SERVICES for existing buildings and new construction.

  • Energy Management

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    Renteknik offers ENERGY MANAGEMENT Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Multi-Tenant Buildings guaranteed to reduce electricity bills, energy costs and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Energy Optimization

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    The Renteknik ENERGY OPTIMIZATION Solution will optimize performance and save energy on Refrigeration, HVAC and Chilled Water System(s) and produce energy reductions of between 10 and 40% through System adjustments and maintenance work (non-capital work) alone.

  • Energy Conservation

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    Electricity accounts for a majority of the energy used in a building, however in many instances it is not well managed and controlled resulting in unnecessary inefficiencies and higher operating costs.

  • Energy Products

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    Renteknik is focused on the integration of existing RENEWABLE TECHNOLOGIES and RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT of new clean/renewable energy products and solutions targeted for commercialization in the North American Market.  Renteknik offers two product solutions that control energy consumption and costs: Panoramic Power and Kamstrup.

  • Incentive Programs

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    Renteknik has worked in conjunction with numerous Local Distribution Companies (LDC’s) and government entities in Ontario to incorporate available incentive Programs for various Renteknik Projects.  These have typically provided incentives of between 25% and 80% of Project costs.